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Hunsbury Hill WI began its life in March 1983 in the charming location of Hunsbury Hill Farm. Slowly over the years the membership outgrew this location and moved to its current meeting spot of the Camp Hill Community Centre. The centre is spacious and modern suiting the needs of the membership allowing for a varied meeting programme each month.

A Modern Voice for Today’s


Friendship and membership go hand in hand at Hunsbury Hill WI with members heartily supporting each other, and this has never been more apparent as in recent times. Over the years members have taken part in many varied activities organised by HHWI and also the wider Northamptonshire Federation. These include archery, fencing, orienteering, craft demonstrations and many skill-based learning days. The group constantly looks for innovative ways to inform and educate members with day trips to historic locations, theatre trips and places of natural beauty. The community is supported by members who participate in litter picks in the local parks, bake cakes for Cynthia Spencer Hospice and join in local fundraising activities such as Alfie’s Day at Hunsbury Hill Country Park. The WI is an inclusive, supportive and progressive organisation and Hunsbury Hill WI fully embrace this ensuring all are welcome. Members truly hope that the name of Hunsbury Hill WI will always be synonymous with Hospitality, Humour, Wit and Individuality.

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Tuesday 15th Feb, 7.45pm Community Centre, Hunsbury Hill Anne Wright - My Photography Journey Into South Africa