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Hunsbury Hill WI began its life in March 1983 in the charming location of Hunsbury Hill Farm.  Although not a working farm, it was remote, situated on the edge of the borough boundary of Northampton down a winding unmade lane. Slowly, but surely, over the years our membership out grew the available space and we moved to our new premises in Camp Hill Community Centre in early 2008.  The centre is spacious and modern and suits our members’ needs very well.

A Modern Voice for Today’s


Friendship   and   membership   go   hand   in   hand   at   Hunsbury   Hill WI.      The   members   heartily   support   each   other   and   the   WI, even   in   the   early   years,   when   it   was   a   financial   struggle   with   so few members.  Their endeavour and encouragement have   increased   our   numbers   to   a   current   membership   of   over 70 members. Over   the   years   we   have   taken   part   in   many   varied   activities organised   by   the   County   Federation.      These   include   archery, fencing,   and   falconry,   fly   fishing,   canoeing,   orienteering   and white water rafting to name but a few! We   constantly   look   for   innovative   ways   to   educate   and   inform our   members   with   day   trips   to   historic   locations,   theatre   trips and   weekends   away.      We   also   support   the   local   community with litter picks in the local park and lakeside area.  Well attended    fund-raising    activities    support    WI    House,    Denman College   and   ACWW   (Associated   Country   Women   of   the   World), as well as local charities, such as Cynthia Spencer Hospice. We   truly   hope   that   the   name   of   Hunsbury   Hill   WI   will   always be      synonymous      with      Hospitality,      Humour,      Wit      and Individuality.

Next Meeting…

Tuesday May 21st 2019, 7.45pm Camp Hill Community Centre Resolutions Evening Discussion of the proposed resolutions for this year